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  2. Hi there Just found this game Ive been looking for ever since DUELS was murdered by Zynga. Any other former DUELS-players here?
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  5. I have never seen that movie but would love to see one made out of the book, Dumbell. Dumbell of something, cant remember it anymore. Wish I still had it. Maybe Dumbell of Brookview.
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  7. wish i had the disposable income to pay for useless domains
  8. BeJimmiekit


    Well golly gee Treesuit, if thats how you feel then dont tell me it has no place on this forum, just get me kicked off or suspended, I mean WTF?
  9. Cool We have a true international group here. Quite amazing to hear from some of you and where you live. Thanks for the replies Who else?
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  22. BeJimmiekit


    I listened to the whole thing, and I still stand by my statement. I mean dont get me wrong there are tons of people who will like him, and I mean tons. He just is too mainstream sounding for my liking is all.
  23. For a While I was scared that the Gamestop where I preordered would be closed, but I was just being dumb... So hopefully all the sever stuff Im reading will be all fixed by the time I get home?
  24. thank you for all of you suggent and comment I will read ever thing and and cheach out the viidos I get mylar bag from a couple of souces
  25. I was given an SL-DD33 , the rubber feet are melted so I need replacement. The service manual lists them as part SKLB2 .. however I also see on the market some SKLB3 .. does anybody know if these are the same thing and can be used with the DD33 too? Thanks
  26. I actually saw my first E60s today - a Silver one and a Black one - not sure the models but both had big wheels and on the whole didnt look too bad.
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