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  2. I actually saw my first E60s today - a Silver one and a Black one - not sure the models but both had big wheels and on the whole didnt look too bad.
  3. Have you tried loading up into Safemode and then running the AV program? Malwarebytes is also a good remover of adaware and some viruses. Its free which is an added bonus.
  4. Gee wiz... Texas gets a little snow and everything closes, including this forum I have already went to Sams and bought way to much, came back home and cooking some lunch. Where is everyone??? Anyone alive here?
  5. lmao what a time this was
  6. The discord invite at the top of the page is invalid.
  7. I haven't been here since I was 15. I'm surprised there's so many of you guys still checking in. Apparently the server is under development and planned to go live again eventually? How can I follow along, do we have a discord?
  8. ya im with smiley on this one, i had alotta nostalgia on here and i sealed that away a long time ago and you better not be playing with my feels right now
  9. Is the server up? Its been down for a while now...
  10. Second, please re add the shoutbox Mods
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