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    Try to gauge interest to see how many people are still around and how many of those people still have an interest on playing on Reloaded.
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    Kiro Player Report

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    Server Is Open
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    fill the blank

    rekt loser
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    What? You dont stay up late at all...
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    Those car were purchased on a different server. They have also been removed from the game. They may regain access to those car if we decide to re add them later. This is also the case with the old perma weapons. We do not currently have any plans to re give out old money. VIP money is a one time bonus which was already give out. This is a new server. Old Ranks have been carried over to the new server as a courtesy to returning players. We may decide later on to implement a system to give out old vip money bonuses. No. This is a new freshly wiped server. 3/5 of the old staff was demote. If old staff want their admin back, they will need to reapply. Do not poke,pm,whisper,bug,etc admins about reapplying. The shine maybe fixed later on, it is near the bottom of things to care about right now. This is being discussed internally. Most likely not, our player base doesnt seem to have the attention span to handle this play style. This is really up to the community itself. I will be spending the minimal amount of time on the forum. This hasn't been discussed, there are no plans currently to go back and add removed staff to retired staff. Nope. Not unless there is a major economy breaking bug that gets exploited or Major gameplay change to the server. Car prices are fine. No change needed. Play that by ear. No current plans for anything. No plans to revive glife. Stacker Tool was never added. No current plans to re add precision.
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    Locked and moved, mostly because I think jek forgot to.
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    good to know our users are still producing quality content to the forums.
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    Free Cs:go skins and such

    Gambling csgo skins is aids.
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    fill the blank

    Failed abortion.
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    Kiro Player Report

    Your IGN: CubicMaster5 (Jack) Player being reported: Kiro People involved: Damn Daniels' Gang and Kiro's Gang What the player has done wrong: "You must wait 5 seconds before taking lethal action in a mug (unless they pull out a weapon). If you mug people just to kill them you will be punished" *He also respawned his cars after we had them stolen. There is chat records of him saying that he put new ones in his inventory and swapped them out. Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjIJNhvBgDs He always does /mug to kill people. He is doing it against me for hate crimes because he hates our group. He does this just to ruin our fun, not to role play or make money. He failed to create a role playing experience and killed me out of hatred.
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    Kiro Player Report

    Okay that will be interesting. Just set a date and time. Imma be there.
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    Kiro Player Report

    May you send me an email or a steam message when you are doing the trial, I would like to sit in. cubicmaster5@gmail.com http://steamcommunity.com/id/CubicMaster5/
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    Kiro Player Report

    However You cannot edit the blacked out material. http://darkrpreloaded.com/motd.html Go here and go to the building rules. Rule 12. That looks a lot like a blacked out maze even if it doesnt look like the Dole plantation. Also Yes it is true that Technically it wasn't built so that they couldn't see you and you could shoot their feet specified in rule 4 HOWEVER you were breaking rule 13 I can clearly see that. It was some cheap tactics and cancerous building on your part Kiro. Honestly I would give these guys medals in raiding because of the brilliant tactic of suicide bombing your base. I will discuss with jek what sentencing should be but you are found guilty of what I have stated above.
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    Jeks Gambling addiction

    Hey guys, I wanted to let you guys know that jek is now in rehab for extreme gambling addiction. He was struggling with this for a while, ever since reloaded first came up. Back when we had slot machines and just anytime there was gambling involved he would do it. Including scamming and gang raiding. It really became a problem when zach recently added the casino kit. He gained and lost millions. Then he went for one last big poker tournement. It got so bad that he had to go into debt and put "his" Vapes up for collaterall. He lost everything including his dignity. He walked away a broken man. I think he will finally get the help he needs. #dicksout4Jek #prayforjek #thatswhatyouget
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    please never remove this intro
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    iSunny Ban Appeal

    Oh why thank you for all of this, Everything you said was just so flattering. Which that gets you everywhere. Jek really does need help and I think he is getting help. Well I am absoulutely touched. However if I get any report about you doing something like this again I will make sure you never existed here. Okay welcome back! Locked
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    Appreciation for Admin

    I just want to make an appreciation post for the admin Jesus for resolving so many problems on the server. He recognizes everybody and makes an effort to tell people he appreciates them and their work. When something does go wrong, he talks about it in private. I am just so grateful to have him as an active admin and he is such a great guy. He is periodically assessing where everyone is and making sure they are all following the rules so the server can move forward to a better experience for everyone.
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    Appreciation for Admin

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    Hello again

    You are all idiots.
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    nirvanamonkey's plans

    the last guy who called me gay was gay you gay gay gay
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    Hello again

    i think my names jek i play trove
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    Starting Twitch

    no one likes you
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    Zack don't make me cry from my penis now.
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    Kevinville34 Staff Application v2

    I like you kevin, but give it a few years. Denied.
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    fill the blank

    loltyler1 fan girl
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    Kiro Player Report

    retards, someone lock this.
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    Kiro Player Report

    We do fair trials now?
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    Song Of The Day (SOTD)

    Going back looking at the music I put, I barely listen to some of it anymore. xD Lets Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
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    Tarble's Ban Appeal

    RP Name: Tarble Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:105304023 Date of Ban: 8/9/16 Length of Ban: 180 Minutes Offense: "NLR" Banned By: Kochi/Jek Why should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: Well here is my reasoning: Jek killed Dogecoin using m9k_dbarrelTarble killed Jek using m9k_dbarrel. So earlier today around 1:01 PM my base was being raided by Kiro and Trextyler. The raid was going fine and we had no problems. Jek soon arrives on the server and joins the raid 7-10 minutes late, which I'm sure isn't allowed because I was warned for that before. He adverts raid and kills Dogecoin WHICH IS IN MY GANG BTW. So I kill him due to the fact he killed one of my gang members. Not really my fault right? He's the one who decided to get himself killed. I did not interfere with the raid until that moment, which was merely anything. Kochi then takes me to a sit and he understood where I was coming from. He killed someone in my gang, so I decided to take action, that simple. He let me off with a verbal warning and I assume Jek demanded him to ban me which was really uncalled for. Jek killed Dogecoin using m9k_dbarrelTarble killed Jek using m9k_dbarrel Subforums
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    idk what i did to this quote. but you go to bed at like 2am every morning dude. not much of an owl
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    Reloaded's Memorial for Harambe

    We have the technology, let's rebuild him and make a class for him.
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    When reloaded comes back i'll sing this

    yes i will
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    I'm Back?

    Whats up dude
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    High School so far

    Josh die
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