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    Is the server up? Its been down for a while now...
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    YoMamma's Staff Application

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    Oddchief64's ban appeal

    I don't know man, 3 years is kinda short.
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    Kiro Player Report

    However You cannot edit the blacked out material. http://darkrpreloaded.com/motd.html Go here and go to the building rules. Rule 12. That looks a lot like a blacked out maze even if it doesnt look like the Dole plantation. Also Yes it is true that Technically it wasn't built so that they couldn't see you and you could shoot their feet specified in rule 4 HOWEVER you were breaking rule 13 I can clearly see that. It was some cheap tactics and cancerous building on your part Kiro. Honestly I would give these guys medals in raiding because of the brilliant tactic of suicide bombing your base. I will discuss with jek what sentencing should be but you are found guilty of what I have stated above.
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    This is a list of suggestions that will not be considered. All of these have been brought up repeatedly in the past and denied. _______________________________________ New Printers (the ones we have now are fine) New Weapons (the ones we have now are fine) Cellphone Mods ATM Mods Hacker Model Change NLR Bubble Terrorist Class Map Change Wire Mod (stacker/precision) Warren G (Revo said no) Drug Mods (the one we have now is fine) These types of server changes are decided by the higher ups Hopefully this will cut down on some repetitiveness
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    Suggestion Time Limit

    All topics that are over one month old and have not had a reply for over a month will be moved to the denied section. Hello there folks, By order of our lord and savior Indox, all suggestion topics that are over one month old, and have been inactive for no less than a period of time totaling one month, will be henceforth locked and denied. This is in order to prevent 3 pages of suggestions that have already been looked at and/or are dead from piling up. It can take the focus away from the important topics, and they all have to be sorted at some point, therefore leaving the burden of moving 100+ posts to denied sitting in the corner. Topics that have passed this threshold will have been looked at once during a staff meeting, if not multiple times, and therefore if it has garnered such little support, it will never come to fruit. This will help keep our suggestions section clean, current, and active. Thank You, Her Majesty, Queen of England
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    Who's Still Alive?

    define "alive"
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    hey u

    no u