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  1. welcome back kid, it's been a while you may not be able to see some posts because it's broken so you're gonna have to live with it bye
  2. Oh, and no more of that refunding bullshit. That crap dug the economy so far into the fucking ground it was unbelievable.
  3. Hello everyone, As the title implies, DarkRP Reloaded will be returning once more. Hopefully this time we're able to maintain the same level of player satisfaction as we did back in our prime. This re-launch will consist of a re-work and proper balance of pretty well everything and anything that pre-existed in previous "revisions". Our goal is ultimately to take on a new angle of DarkRP; one more which is more rewarding of proper roleplay as opposed to shooting shit all day long to make your way up to the top; eliminate the trolls, encourage good, roleplay promoting players. Donator ranks will not be restored. There will not be any at "launch". I, nor any of us need/want your money. I am striving to bring back what we were before. To combat lag, vehicles will be extremely difficult to both purchase and maintain (fuel costs). Electric vehicles will be an option, though their purchase price will be absurdly high. I ask that you be mindful in that vehicles are not required for roleplay, and never will be. One thing that was observed previously is those becoming upset over not having their donator ranks with the previous "re-launches". If you're only wanting to play because of the rank that you donated for 1-2 years ago, I'd urge you to not play at all and would argue that you're doing it wrong. The server died. Several times. Get over it. We're here to have fun, and again, don't need, nor want your parents' money. Few other things: No, we don't know when it will be ready. No, you cannot join the development server.No, you may not have your donation back which you made two years ago.I know I sound like an asshole, but it's necessary to weed/correct out those who are unable to adapt.
  4. i left my straw hat and dip in the truck
  5. i ate all of that chocolate you gave me and I'm full of regret