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  1. Second, please re add the shoutbox Mods
  2. I think its okay for him to be unban now.
  3. Those car were purchased on a different server. They have also been removed from the game. They may regain access to those car if we decide to re add them later. This is also the case with the old perma weapons. We do not currently have any plans to re give out old money. VIP money is a one time bonus which was already give out. This is a new server. Old Ranks have been carried over to the new server as a courtesy to returning players. We may decide later on to implement a system to give out old vip money bonuses. No. This is a new freshly wiped server. 3/5 of the old staff was demote. If old staff want their admin back, they will need to reapply. Do not poke,pm,whisper,bug,etc admins about reapplying. The shine maybe fixed later on, it is near the bottom of things to care about right now. This is being discussed internally. Most likely not, our player base doesnt seem to have the attention span to handle this play style. This is really up to the community itself. I will be spending the minimal amount of time on the forum. This hasn't been discussed, there are no plans currently to go back and add removed staff to retired staff. Nope. Not unless there is a major economy breaking bug that gets exploited or Major gameplay change to the server. Car prices are fine. No change needed. Play that by ear. No current plans for anything. No plans to revive glife. Stacker Tool was never added. No current plans to re add precision.
  4. can you send me the ip for darkrp reloaded pls  i want to play

    when i type in the ip i can't find it

  5. Original ext edit The slight more updated one we used for about a year
  6. Try to gauge interest to see how many people are still around and how many of those people still have an interest on playing on Reloaded.
  7. You were unbanned a week ago, and were playing on the server afterwards.
  8. The pot calling the kettle black. Its like you didn't bother to read anything posted in here.
  9. Send revo $20 & ill add you to the normal Spartan class
  10. Is a liar and script kitty. Has only played on the server 2 different days, for a total of maybe 2 hours. also uses modified base gmod files to run lua hacks, namely an aimbot. I have caught him via the anti cheat system logs. denied
  11. Dont hold your breath on this. On both versions of the old map where we had these classes, they were never used. maybe once or twice a week some people would play em, but for the most part they went unused.
  12. too srly for darkrp. we just dumb down the rules to attract more players, adding in this type of serious rp would be counter productive.