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  1. If we killed you in the raid, why were you watching it? What were you doing breaking nlr being in the area?
  2. Why dont you upload the video entirely in the first place? This player report thing is getting out of hand, you constantly threaten players with player reports, but have no real evidence. Earlier you said you had 20+ hours of footage of Kooby breaking rules
  3. He didn't even need to advert carjack. It was a raid, he can take the car as loot. Hence why you aren't allowed to have a building sign if you have a car in your base.
  4. I mugged you, announced over voice it was a mug and you continued to move away. Am I just supposed to let you leave or? This is the first time I've ever mugged anyone in your gang, I don't even mug people anymore, you were just out in the open, surrounded by my gang members. Also, afterward you came back and shot us while we were raiding your base even though you were under NLR. I switch cars constantly, I have 3 cars and like to use each for different things, I didn't intentionally respawn the cars. Also, show the footage of you breaking nlr to counter snipe the raid after you died or would that not fit with your narrative story of me being a plague against you guys.
  5. I even realized that after the raid and changed it, so it's not like it was a permanent thing, I legitimately read the rules as i was building this base, you can ask ignite or kooby who were basing with me at the time. Also, they spent 400k on my base, they can fucking have it. I find it very funny that he doesn't show the inside of this base even though right after this they get in and destroy our printers. This video is very clearly edited and shows literally nothing. If the raid lasted for 13 minutes, upload it uncut unless you have some problem with that? There was no nlr here, or anywhere else. I don't understand how the evidence has anything to do with the claims except for the fact that there's a million of you, and you can afford to blow 400k on a base worth 200k.
  6. First off, we couldn't see just as well as you couldn't see. There was 0 color used in this base, and I even changed the material on it after the raid because I thought the no black rule only applied to mazes. Also, as you can see in the video you can crouch inside the tunnel and shoot back. The rule that you're referring to is in the motd is as follows " No Walls that Come Down to players Knees so you can shoots their feet but they can’t see you" This wall is much higher than your knee and you can in fact see me, it just requires you to crouch. Also, where is the nlr breakage in this video? Wheres the footage of you guys fucking around for 20+ minutes outside and camping our base?
  7. that and sandblast or whatever are both really gold.
  8. God, so much nostalgia.
  9. I would say you can defend them, if you can defend me randomly in the street (given we're the same job type, criminals, citizens, etc) I don't see why you can't defend my base
  10. if you were in my gang it wouldn't have happened. Also, it literally does give you an esp, you can see your teammates dots though walls...
  11. They had it before the server went down, and we currently have an organzation system. That literally gives you wall hack for your team.
  12. Kiro

    Tarble's Ban Appeal

    You aren't allowed to be in to area in the first place, period. If you had followed the rules, the situation had never happened.
  13. Kiro

    Tarble's Ban Appeal

    Theres no rule stating that you all have to start the raid at the same time. Regardless, you broke nlr and this ban appeal is pointless due to bantime.