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  1. Not sure if it was this one, but he shortly unbanned someone with a JK next to it, check if it was you
  2. Which shabby admins attempted the raid
  3. Which is what the link I placed in the post above you is.
  4. True, considering the original core members don't even play much anymore
  5. Pfft, To be honest half of the names on the list still wasn't even online durin gthe times Manta and me was about xD So it wouldn't matter that much
  6. Well, I talked to Manta, He has spoken about his interest in another game, an MMORPG called Archeage [[which I also play >.>]] so he will be staying on there with a newly formed OS, He gave permission for me to revive OS on gmod...but not sure if it will be worth the hassle or not
  7. Talking to him to finally see if this group is being left to rest, or what, as he mentioned coming back but then nothing happened...So! We will see soon hopefully
  8. Itt was a 4000 minute ban, Digi had a 2000 minute ban, As Digi RDM'd/NLR'd less.
  9. No reason to RDM people who just came from spawn, three times
  10. This is directly after a server restart/crash, I log in and see Jesuswins having a shootout with Digi, Cordi and someone else I can't remember, each time jesus died, or killed, they would break NLR and just come back, with Jesus always the one to shoot first the moment then come out of the tunnel by spawn, I banned Digi for 2 days, then Jesus turns around and shoots a bystander for no reason before DC'ing instantly,
  11. I don't know...clearly these Otters are a better solution for a background
  12. Otter


    See! People do love me!