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  1. Why are you in retired staff group bret?:)

    1. whyneedname


      Because hes retired obviously

    2. Kaszana


      Didn't see any "bye bye" topic from him tho

  2. bretsnev

    cant use e

    XD what happened with you being banned btw? and it was more of the fact that i had to use the armor in my inv, then remove it, then use the command !armor to give myself that armor till i had fixed it.
  3. 30 pounds yey definatly gonna buy one, but yea what about descriptions? Would it have to be set or would it just say custom job or would it depend on what the buyer is doing?
  4. bretsnev

    cant use e

    I noticed it while i was helping a friend setup his server, you make it so no admins can pick up doors crates etc, and you can turn it off for yourself, along with picking up other people. you can even turn off picking up your own props XD.
  5. its a shame to see you go agent , if you ever want to play another game like 7 dtd with me or something just msg me on steam
  6. im a commander what does the marshal do?
  7. bretsnev

    cant use e

    Well you can turn off picking up doors and stuff for just you in the q menu and i accidently ticked the a box that stopped me from interacting with world props, would have noticed it sooner but it was working on my friends darkrpserver so i thought it wasn't client side.
  8. yes however most people are on after 3-4 pm which is when most of the server admins can get on.
  9. well actually kiro my friend is making a darkrp server and before he changed the settings his tdm cars could deal damage and the people inside could take damage, also Scars are destructible.
  10. bretsnev

    cant use e

    Its fixed and already tried restarting
  11. bretsnev

    cant use e

    no its all fine on my friends darkrp server its not that its just the buttons,doors,weapons,money,armor on this server
  12. bretsnev

    cant use e

    I can't open doors, press the buttons to open garage doors, pick up money or weapons, however i can use buttons and keypads. I have reset my keys to default and its still not working. This started around after i became vetadmin however im the only vetadmin i know of that is experiencing this issue.
  13. bretsnev

    Money Printers etc.

    you can already make tons of money from raiding and just siting on printers,