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  1. Thanks guys. I see I've been moved to the Retired Staff group. Any way to get my former title back? I'm not going anywhere for at least another year.
  2. It's good to be back! I will be on the server tonight.
  3. Can you be more specific as to the circumstances? You shouldn't spam money or props, that is bad. I doubt she would just ban someone without saying a word to them about the offense.
  4. BrianP

    I am banned?

    You are responsible for what happens on your own account. "Someone else was using my account" is no excuse. Denied.
  5. BrianP

    I am banned?

    I'm looking into it right now. You guys shouldn't unban someone unless you can first ascertain *why* they were banned in the first place. update: Care to explain this to us? I think you should stay banned.
  6. What the OVERSEEKER said. I'm tired of people complaining about them breaking NLR to stop raids on vault buildings. It's important to read the job description of someone you think is breaking rules before getting an admin.
  7. The TEC-9 has ridiculous bullet spread IRL. It's a good counter to its insanely high rate of fire. I would vote to keep it as-is.
  8. I was there and he very clearly said you were being banned for two days. You were on an RDM spree as a Black Market Dealer.
  9. The appeal was already denied and moved. This was a duplicate thread. Since the other thread was resolved, this should be locked and moved as well. I would do it myself but this thread involves me so I can't.
  10. I already moved your other thread to this subforum.
  11. He was banned for a day, just for the record.