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  1. This seems like a lot of work for no advantages.
  2. I have never heard anything negative about you and I have actually had some great interaction with you on the server. +1 hope to see you again (as admin)
  3. Oh......My......God!?
  4. http://bitchmagazine.org/find-bitch (We are talking about the magazine bitch right?)
  5. EXTREMELEY short app NEVER seen -1
  6. Short app No idea who you are Nobody else knows who you are -1
  7. POOPY

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    I have updated the list and I get what you guys are saying but this allows people to help admins with calls and very small disputes that take away admins time for bigger problems. Also we can add like a training program where either before or after getting accepted for admin you have to be Moderator for a week.
  8. POOPY

    New Rank

    ** This Is just an idea*** Okay so before you guys start spamming no's and -1's think about the idea. Okay so the idea is to have a weak version of admin that requires the following - Pay for 40$ if you have VIP Plus you may upgrade for 5$ or VIP upgrade for 25$ -Pay after interview-(Have Trusted rank and overseer or higher must confirm) - Interview No application required just either have Trusted Member rank or be a member for more than 6 months (For trust reasons) and never been severely banned. - Before you just say Abuse think about it why would someone pay 40$ to just abuse and get permabanned. -Alternate way of being Moderator---- if you are not financially able to pay for Moderator or VIP Elite (Don't know what to call it yet) you may make an application. - Powers - !Slay - !goto (NO Noclip) - !Ban ( No more than 1000) - !jail and !jailtp - !gag and !ungag - !kick If caught abusing- demoted to regular VIP Plus with no chance of getting Moderator back again If inactive for more than 2 weeks will have to reapply again - If planned inactive and alert the community before can be extended to 5 weeks before being required to reapply (Must have good reason) This will also help the server bring a little more money which can help with upgrades or just maintaining the server. Don't -1 or +1 just leave what I could change to make it better or just say that this isn't needed thank you for your time. I tried to make this as clear as possible if there's something you don't quite understand ask me. And I repeat if you have nothing constructive to say (e.g. it sounds dumb and stupid and a waste of time) then don't say anything at all.
  9. I know but I was here since early November and I never saw you on forums or server.
  10. Haha Im dying right now!!! I hope he used protection.