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  1. Is the server up? Its been down for a while now...
  2. Crap, text got removed I'll have it updated in a few.
  3. In Game Name: Smiley Crack Severity of bug/glitch/exploit: 2-3 Description of bug/glitch/exploit: While playing the farm class you have the ability to place crop plots which can be stacked for as long as you like if you remove the plots below the one you are standing on allowing you to reach and distance and stay up as long as you like. What triggered the bug/glitch/exploit: placing crop plots on top of each other Who else was involved or saw the bug/glitch/exploit: No one Other: copyposta bro
  4. Smiley Crack


    wow ur fucking cool
  5. The models are pretty good but they looks like you're planning a terror attack.
  6. Haha its so funny sorta like the other post, do us a favor and eat a clorox bleach tablet
  7. yall need to quit roasting each other
  8. boy, you got in your name
  9. He means the version before the server went down.
  10. Oh my bad, I thought you were referring to an older loading song.
  11. Was it this? This use to be the old loading song I believe, or am I wrong?
  12. Why would we reset overseers they got that rank for a reason and worked hard for it, they don't only do admin duties on a server but they do a lot more that is vital for the server to run. It's not like after a few months you lose your memory.