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  1. Not really, It's FAKE money for FAKE weapons....
  2. Bro, when I go on reloaded and buy skins, ill pay people 500k for $10 skins..... You're overpaying.
  3. Never seen you... also you only have 3 posts. Maybe it's just me though, considering I haven't been all that active in the last week.
  4. kZ Solar

    Loading Song

    Hey guys, just an idea, but I was thinking we could have VIP members and staff vote on the loading song every month. It could be an extra perk to buying VIP and would be a lot of fun I think. Also we could stop having these arguments over which song we should have since people can just vote next month. Please take this into consideration!
  5. kZ Solar

    Mana and hunger.

    -999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 No. Just no.
  6. kZ Solar


    When my friend told me he got dumped today I told him this. Now I have a black eye.
  7. kZ Solar

    Walley admin app

    At least a month? I'm in the same time zone and I haven't seen you on ever. I'm not a big fan of players will low playtime on the server being admins, so -1 from me.
  8. kZ Solar


    I play some, I'm not very good. -.-
  9. Happy birthday bret! Even though you're as old as me you sound like you could be my dad. >.<
  10. I do tend to get called into admin sits quite frequently, but usually they result as a misunderstanding.
  11. Personally I enjoy just being able to quickly buy ammo, instead of having people remind me what ammo to use.
  12. And now this will be a thread of comparing post count...