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    I am a long time player of DarkRP Reloaded I love the server and am retired Staff. I am currently away dealing with personal problems. Msg me if you need me.

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  1. Quality got fucked, old af, here you go. Hope someone smiles.
  2. Seriously though. Jimeng is right. Jimeng is snepai
  3. Jek likes da dick? Ohhhh. Snap. Still enjoyed this video... C:
  4. Its that part of the banana that's always like brown/bruised. And this picture angers me for no reason.
  5. Hey slut. I hate you how dare you show your ugly whore face around here after what you did. Im joking. Love you. All is good. Please kiss me.
  6. Spencer Zim

    My Life

    Accurate. Sad. But accurate.
  7. Ahem. Suck my cock was to those who go out of their way to go against gay marriage. ANND. /Was/ staff. I aint no more. Glad you looked up to me though it was a bit of a mistake. Never said you were the enemy just that I wanted to take you out. Dont let it hurt you to much. I would of targeted anyone except I like you. So, you make a fine target. So damn majestic. Hate me, love me, do what you want man. It was a simple joke. And as to the BiPolar. NO IM NOT. Wait yes I am. I like you. I HATE YOU. What? YOU SAYIN SOMETHING M8?
  8. Eyyy. Ma niggah. I'll take you out we can get some Wendys then maybe we can head back to my place. Ill warm you up some hot chocolate. Then I will pull your pants down and suck your dick. We can fuck and do anal man. We will have a great evening. Ill pm you some dickpicks. DTF? FUCK YEAH I AM.
  9. If you don't support gay marriage fine, if you do fine. Here is the thing, If you go out of your way to go against it. You are simply a cunt. Nothing more, nothing less. If you hate someone due to something they cannot control, well fuck you. I personally dont give a fuck. Go marry who you want. If two men love each other as much as a man and a woman whats it matter? Anyways. Anyone who voted no.. Suck my cock. Here to all the losers who voted no~ A message of what I want you to all do with me. Especially the boys.
  10. Slice. Watch the blood flow. Till its dark. If only.

  11. 4u? Ye. Anyday. eryday. dey come ova liek omg u so hot pls hav child omg omg *panties drop* Because its dark. #TheMoreYouKnow
  12. You interested? No. Im taken. Hahahahaha. Yeah. no. Most fucking not.