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  1. Tacolicious

    One Last Time.

    Kochi is great he has been on for a long time and I'm sure he would fit the position well +420
  2. Tacolicious


    IceJJfish has taught me so many things, such as: you can become a hit sensation if you suck at singing just have awesome dance moves ! But not only that, edit your videos so badly that you can't even understand what he's saying and to top it off add hot women so far I just need women and I will be rich in no time
  3. It's officially 12 in the west side, Happy New Year, hope to have more great memories with everyone !!
  4. Wrong format & not sure if you lied about your age or typo ... -1
  5. I want far cry 4 haha
  6. Darkfusion: for being the taco cook of the year for Tucos Taco stand
  7. I have borderlands TPS, it's amazing ! Haha
  8. In-Game Name: Tacolicious Steam Name:Deadombi3 Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: I would like to be Forum mod because I really enjoy this server and have been forum mod in the past. I really like the forums and it is something I am usually on either lurking in the shadows or posting on threads. I understand I have been gone for a long time, but I feel like I still have what it takes to be a forum janitor/ police. But mainly I just want to help this community grow. How long have you been on the forums: I have been on the forums since October of last year (2013) What are your goals once forum moderator: Some of my goals are to just keep the forums a great place, to be able to help out those new to the forums and server. I would like to help organize old threads and just get rid of spammers that will ruin the expirience of others. How are you going to accomplish these goals: I am going to accomplish these goals by being on the forums whenever I get the chance. Also by being open and friendly to all of my fellow gamers. I am not a rude person and I try and help out when I can and If I can't help out I try and look for answers with them. Why we should choose you: I feel like I have a pretty good personality and I am friendly to everyone, I have been forum mod before but I don't want to be chosen just because I have been forum mod before. I would like to be chosen because you guys still see it in me. Thank you for the time you have taken to read this application. I am sorry if it is fairly short but I feel like I was able to get my point across with what was said. If you would like to ask any more questions I would love to answer and I am looking forward to meeting more and more of you. Love Tacolicious
  9. Do you have all the addons off of the steam workshop ? If not go to collections- search reloaded and look for the collection name dark to reloaded 3.0 I believe. Then just subscribe let it download and you should be in the server in no time ! I had the same problem.
  10. If you have another keyboard I recommend testing your computer with another to see if its your keyboard or you computer, I'm trying to r remember what I did since it happened to me as we'll awhile back