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  1. Viktor


    was able to ascend to the pcmasterrace again, picked up a cheap pc from my university and slapped a 750ti in it. lets goo.
  2. Viktor


    im back, kind of
  3. getting on the motorized carts and playing bumper cars in the isles, getting on the intercom and say shit through out the store, just be belligerent fucks and you will get kicked out
  4. i am checking in from a remote location in syria, i am one with isis now.
  5. i am a person cooler than u
  6. we fuck shit up, and get kicked out of walmart frequently.
  7. I feel he would be a great admin +juan -1
  8. dont be gay. sukin that dik.
  9. If anyone wants to know where i have been lemme know. too much stuff to type.
  10. Logitech g430's. Have had mine for over a year, they are SO MUCH more comfortable than turtle beaches. Also they have 7.1 surround sound in them and they occasionally go on sale for $40.