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  1. LOL I can't come back to RP as an OG.
  2. Hope you enjoyed your stay, have a good one.
  3. To me it sounds like you ended the sit and he walked away, and if he indeed did say something about injustice, that is not disrespectful and not everyone is going agree with choices we make and of coarse they are going to be upset, not a reason to ban them unless he was disrespectful. I believe this is just not a bannable offence.
  4. HcAoRrDe


    Okay if you have read the rules and still did it, you get a ban and you have to deal with it. Many other have been banned for the same thing. This has nothing to do with everyone else on the server, you made that choice.
  5. Your ban was justified. If the server has 2 admins on and it is full and can't respond to you right away doesn't mean you get to add on to the chaos. You were upset with them for doing all that then you decided to break the rules, and from what I can gather is you don't really know all the rules, take this time to learn them. This is not my call on a un-ban but begging for it over and over isn't going to speed up the process.
  6. Never said you are 7, so don't turn that table. You didn't know and they told you and showed you and you still denied the fact. Admins have no issues, attitudes and excuses from players like yourself are the issue. As I said the admins showed you that you did something wrong, instead of saying "Oh man I didn't mean to arrest him I apologize". It would have been fine. Locked no need for banter.
  7. No one cares how many times it was posted, you clearly saw him posted you arrested him. The fact is "I don't remember" is an excuse my 7 year old daughter uses when she does something wrong. Clearly you did it, and instead of beating the bush that you don't remember and that Tuco walked in front of you and whatever else was said doesn't matter. You should have just apologized for the arrest and maybe take a verbal warning to watch what you were doing rather then fight the fact you don't remember.
  8. In your picture it doesn't show who arrested tuco, it just shows the after math.
  9. HcAoRrDe


    Lol refund for $15 #lifeistough. Sad really.
  10. No one said it was a crime, so stop the petty comments. I am contacting an overseer about it.