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  1. HEY GUYS Guess who is back! Well.... Kind of. I'll be visiting the Forum a lot more now that I have the time. But my ex boss still owes me $4500.... I've already filed stuff for court, but we can't find where he went.... So... Yeah... But hey, good to see that the server is doing well. Hello to all the awesome people I played with. (to those of you who don't know who I am, Hai.) Also, just remember, Bitches, Love, Cannons.
  2. Everyone is coming back
  3. TheMuser

    Staff App

    Besides the fact that you are too young for the position, there are a couple of other details I'd like to point out here. 1: Your about me is about you section is about three sentences long. Remember that this application is sometimes a first impression on some people. Putting three sentences worth of work into something that will put out your first impression on people makes me think that you don't have the effort nor the attitude required to admin on this server. As well, you have about 5 active posts on the Forums, so saying that you have been on the server since the casino days but you never went onto the forums makes me kinda doubt that. As for "Trying new things can make a better community", there is a reason that we have the age limit the way it is. We've tried to let players around your age become admins, and almost each time, it didn't work out whatsoever. And going back to a previous point, if you have been a dedicated player since the casino days, you should at least know that. So though I haven't played with you on the server, and I don't know how you act in person, this is the general vibe that I am getting from your application. So I will be giving you a -1 until I can say so otherwise.
  4. So great xD Now it just needs to play the Demote Jimeng song when it is driving.
  5. I feel left out xD Then again I have been gone for 3 months. But dude, if they find that fucker let me know so I can put my shiny new Katana threw his taint.
  6. Also yeah, can't get on at work anymore ;-; Hai sloth, missed you too xD Hai Kiro :3
  8. HEY JEK! <3 Also Heith, I was a Global mod for a while before my computer exploded ;-; Also pretty sure Agent will have a Heart Attack
  9. HEY ALL! So I'm back, kind of. So I will be hanging out on the Forums more and more the next few months, and I will be getting a new computer to actually PLAY ON THE SERVER AGAIN. For those of you that remember me, HAI, I LOVE YOU ALL! For those of you who have never met me, HAI, NICE TO MEET YOU. Have a nice day :3
  10. I'd like to hear Felipe's side of the story. I think this is a case for a unban, but it never hurts to check. Also, if this is the case, always ask who the insult is directed at, so that way we can avoid situations like this.
  11. TheMuser


    Also, we don't have the time to just make sure that you yourself aren't a potato, or at least have the intelligence as one. Seeing as it took you Four attempts to even get the format 90% right. So you should figure out the steam ID then get back to us.
  12. TheMuser

    Dear invex...

    Hahahahahahaha xD