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    I love to play airsoft and dominate the field with my P90, airsoft is probably the best sport to play. I spent quite a bit of money on airsoft, i've bought a vest so I can put my mags in pockets and i've bought guns and ammo. I also like to paintball, build computers/learn about computers and I enjoy playing on DarkRP Reloaded Server.

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My name is George and I like to joke around every now and then to make people's life more enjoyable or put some laughs into their days. I prowl the forums and stalk all of you. Even you, yes you, the one reading this. I also am currently employed as a dishwasher at a restaurant. I'm an Airsoft fan, big one. I own a P90 that I love dearly and a sniper that I don't use anymore, I wear full tan camo and a black vest that holds my P90 mags, pistol and radio. I'm also an Ex Admin who was demoted for reasons I don't feel like sharing. If you need someone to talk to about the server or problems you have in life, i'll gladly listen and not speak of a word to anyone else.