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  1. Browsing through the forums is pretty nostalgic, i't be nice if we had the shoutbox back though. How's everyone doing?
  2. If you have any of the following, place your name in the comments so we can add each other. XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS4, Origin For Xbox systems and playstation: agent12gpro1 Origin: agent12g
  3. Even though you could have died and been raped, that was a good story.
  4. Buddy, what's your level?
  5. I wish I had a Barbarian King.
  6. Oh god, lol. Turn your prayer on boys.
  7. I will be getting it. Unfortunately it was pushed.
  8. Theatre is the best way.
  9. Alright, everyone get off your asses and go to the theatres and watch American Sniper. It is a great movie and I would suggest this to everyone.
  10. Inventory/money reset. New jobs amd donator status. New map, new cars. New buyable perma weapons. Some other shit.
  11. Swigity Swoogity, i'm coming for that booty. Close and moved. Issue resolved. Its game over man, GAME OVER!
  12. Its common sense to not start an RDM fest, if you wanted to purge then join a "purge" server. There is a separate gamemide. I personally think you shouldn't be unbanned.
  13. Omg man, its so good to see you back! You've been missed.