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    I love riding ATV's, snowmobiles, and being an outdoor person. One thing Garry's Mod took over me!

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  1. How to get on blocked websites at school. Hey! Want to be an ub3r h4xx0r at school? I am using this method right now to type this up! XD First go to http://www.surfly.com/ Register and all that. Login. Start a new session. Enter a website of your choice. E.G Facebook.com, twitter.com.... etc. BOOM! Your on a blocked wesbite! Thank me later.
  2. Swaggy Yolo


    I Like The dispatcher idea. Idk about slave owner.
  3. There's always youtube for the free way
  4. Omg sounds like an awesome idea!
  5. yes, would add more fun to the server.
  6. According to my calculations. Jimeng has 2 vowels * 4 non vowels is 8 Jimeng has 6 letters so 6 plus 8 is 14. Illuminati has 5 vowels so 5 + 14 is 19 plus 5 non vowels is 24. If you do 3 × 8 is 24. The movie 24 got featured on fox. Fox has 3 letters. A triangle has 3 sides. Jimeng is illuminati confirmed.
  7. Yeah, but it has a nice model, and puttin it on your shoulder would make you look cool. Also it looks more user friendly.
  8. Swaggy Yolo

    Awesome Addon

    Well, I know Mods doesn't like Scriptfodder add-ons, but I found one that is actually USEFULL and cool. Alright this add-on can be added onto the DJ Master class or we can have a completely new class "PRO DJ" (For VIP) and with that class they would have this: https://scriptfodder.net/scripts/view/482 You can put it on your shoulder, choose your own music, and has a really unique 3D model radio less than 1MB
  9. Your IGN: Swaggy Yolo Player being reported: I_LIKE_TURTILES_:3 (STEAM_0:0:79365611) People involved: Bank Owner and me. What the player has done wrong: Raid as a Gun Dealer. Proof: Picture: