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  1. Yeah I have the same problem too. I updated my internet speeds much higher than before and it helps with lowering ping and joining the server faster, but nothing with preventing the crashes. It's our computers that don't have the required specifications for running the server when the server hits a certain number of players, like I highly doubt you'd crash if there were about 10 people on. With all these new add-ons and such the server has required better computer specifications, and if we want to play on it without crashing, we have to upgrade. I have a meh laptop so I definitely need to upgrade haha.
  2. You put up a good fight Dakota. ()
  3. I talked to you. 5 keys for existing.
  4. Motokaya


    I have to suggest Skyrim more than anything. On Xbox 360 I had over 400 hours on it, WORTH. On PC it's even better. If you do get it, don't be afraid to mod it. Just check out Gopher's videos on YouTube for help if you wouldn't know what you're doing. Correctly modded Skyrim is one of the best experiences for single-player games for PC EVER.
  5. Verifying the game cache worked and now I have the rain textured correctly. Thank you all for the help. I'll move this myself to the acknowledged section.
  6. Good proof. Obvious RDM & RDA, Player Disrespect, and Mic Spam from SwagMoney RDM & RDM At Spawn by BrainBlower100 Minor Disrespect from Pin Head Larry
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    I'm unranked as of now.