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  1. So I guess the DarkRP server is dead. Not sure what happened with that. Where is everyone playing now? Is there a new server or did everyone just split up and go play other games?
  2. Have been on quite a few forum sites and haven't seen a feature like that. If it is possible to do then yeah I think it would be cool I guess but I'm thinking that feature isn't available yet on any forum.
  3. Bin Laden since he most likely isn't really dead since no one ever got to see his body and all the Navy Seals involved in capturing him have magically all died which has never happened in US history. If I got a chance to kill him I would make sure everyone got to see his body to confirm it.
  4. Cheap games and other things for computer and consoles. Even has Xbox live membership codes for a good price. Awesome site. Have bought things from the site before and they have good customer service. Just bought download code for Arma 2 operation arrowhead from their site.
  5. Thought that was my Steam ID cause it was on the ban message my bad. Mine is STEAM_0:1:68021124
  6. RP Name: RobTheSniper Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:35294692 Date of Ban: No clue Length of Ban: Around -1425882694 seconds Offense: I haven't done anything and there was no reason stated on the ban message. Banned By: FreakySlax Why should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: I am pretty sure I'm not supposed to be banned
  7. This is for all admins or players who are interested. My steam name is RobTheAssassin so whoever would like to add me so you can message me if an admin is needed on the server go for it. I do not make any promises that I will always be able to jump right onto the server but I should be able to most the time. Do NOT message me if you are the only admin on and you are getting offline and you need another admin to start a "shift" because if I had time to do a admin shift I would be on the server. ONLY message me if you are an admin and you need another admin to help you out for a bit or you are a player and you need an admin to get online to ban people or fix problems. Anyone who abuses this system will be blocked on my steam account. I am giving away the ability to add me on steam to try to help out when an admin is needed not so everyone can message me randomly for no reason. I already have a couple high ranked admins on my friends list so to anyone who already has me added on steam (especially the higher ranks) feel free to message me if you need something. Admins can message me freely but players need to keep messages related to the server only unless I say otherwise (I stream on twitch a good bit so I don't need 20+ people messaging me back to back with random messages is why I say this). Also to anyone reading this feel free to pass my steam account name around on the server or anywhere on the forum so as many people who are interested as possible can add me so they have someone to message if things get crazy on the server.
  9. 1. Posting application too often 2. Too young -1
  10. Yeah that is like the main thing that needs fixed. There should be a way to make it so that gun dealers can't pick up weapons or shipments they spawn themselves or put them in their inventory so that way people have to buy from gun dealers.
  11. Permanent -1 from me because I was called to get online this morning by a retired admin because you were breaking rules. Then not only were you breaking rules because no admins were online, you then logged out as soon as I got online to try to avoid being caught.
  12. Yeah I saw your name in the shoutbox and was like "Wait Kathy? O_o I thought she died or something." I then preceded to get online to make sure you were actually alive and ban that one guy for a week Welcome back and glad you weren't dead
  13. Soon as the newer pokemon games come out as Rom's I'll download an emulator and play them on my PC, but I don't have a job so I can't afford them right now.