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  1. Steam name: HAIR Steam ID: RP name: HAIR Age: 16 Time zone + Location: central Hours Available: whenever About You: well i was already an Admin Back in the day and i started becoming inactive due to school then summer came around and i had forgot about reloaded completely. I came on team speak and was told that you guys needed admins and so here i am re applying. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) Why you would be an asset to our team:
  2. HAIR


    or nah
  3. +1 she is Active on TS and in a good timezone same with Ingame
  4. need to be more active on the server i only recently met you for the first time on TS
  5. -1, Just because you were superAdmin before, and you decide to come back dont think you just get it back. you need to start being active on the server again..
  6. +1. I dont know why he was demoted but the last few days he has been on doing calls non stop. He definetly deserves Vet Admin back
  7. You Wanna know why that is? because you were not randomly banned.
  8. Ok let me explain this. First of all you are lying about not being online you, were on all morning causing trouble. You were banned for punch whoring/RDMing then disconnected.
  9. he is a good guy in game he just needs more time on the server Neutral