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  1. Heyo, anyone that replies to here, you can PM me on the forums so I see it faster. All posts on "market place" have to be moderated. (Usually by me)
  2. I think it will be done by next wed.
  3. It's definitely him. You can see his name on the left in red on all but first screenshot.
  4. Considering ban is complete, Imma just take this off. Closed.
  5. Kiro litterally raided a BMD I was buying from and murdered me, I was basing with him lmao. He didn't know it was me. We need party system.
  6. Already known as stated by jek. Closed
  7. Did you guys try removing it right before it got to zero and then holding it over 1 burner to finish?
  8. Please state In game name and severity.
  9. When you get to the right place to donate it says "Maintenance mode is active. Please check back at a later time!" So I assume they are adjusting the webstore to match current server. Worry not, I bet it will be back soon.
  10. Formality is my forte.
  11. In Game Name: trextyler Severity of bug/glitch/exploit: 3 Description of bug/glitch/exploit: Some ammo doesn't work. What triggered the bug/glitch/exploit: Who else was involved or saw the bug/glitch/exploit: Probably more than me. Other: Watch video for the ammo checklist of what does/doesn't work. (my mic sucks, sorry.)
  12. Closed. User was confused.