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  1. I want Community Builder back because: 1. It was the best fun I've had not only in the server but in any game ever. 2. Communities brought actual roleplay. 3. The 20 v 20 raids were absolutely amazing. 4. It was amazing when we had 2 communities fighting each other. 5. It could keep new players in the server because they could stay in the community and feel accepted. 6. It gives the cops something else to do (raid the communities for illegals.) 7. It was the best way to make money. 8. Best class ever IMO. TL;DR - The server was better with Community Builder.
  2. IDefinitlyGoHam


    RP Name: IDefinitlyGoHam Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65478411 Date of Ban: 7-10-15 Length of Ban: 1260 minutes Offense: rdaing roman over and over Banned By: Hate Why should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: I did not rda roman at all.
  5. Translation: I was kicked for breaking nlr. Btw I make these because it's funny to see people get mad when they think I'm whining or bitching about it when I'm not at all.
  6. There was once a hacker that was minding his own business in his home then he came outside and two nubs were stealing his donkey. The hacker then decided to attack the nubs. The nubs started to strike back and they won. The next day the hacker returned home and found the nubs were breaking into his house. The hacker then killed the two nubs and went back to minding his own business in his home but was interrupted by a demon who growled furiously at him. The demon and the two nubs butts started hurting and their sodium levels were rising. The demon destroyed the hackers house and threw him out of the town for doing nothing at all except minding his own business. The End
  7. Mouse: Keyboard: Monitor (144hz):
  8. Obama isn't nearly liberal enough.
  9. It's the only thing I played as.
  10. We need the amateur and pro meth cooks back.
  11. 1: Erase the Republican party from existence, so this country doesn't go to complete shit 2: Wish for a job that I love and pays very well, so I can be happy and have good income 3: Wish for total command in what I get in CS:GO cases (I pick what I get), so if I need extra money I would make myself open 5 dragonlores then sell for real money
  12. Red Orchestra 2 This game is awesome if you like realistic shooters. War Thunder WW2 plane simulator. Free to play!
  13. I've been using these since Christmas and they are amazing, once you get true surround sound like this you can never go back to stereo.