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  1. Before joining darkRP reloaded I dedicated most of my time to "Sinful Gaming" we were a small staff which ran around 5 servers, 2 minecraft, 1 tf2, a Perp and battlefield 3. I was with them for well over 2 years, and we have a very busy community. Always populated Minecraft servers. One server in was where i started off playing and eventually join the staff because of was our "Lucid Dreams" server. Today i found an old trailer and figured i'd share it. (No longer up) This is our trailer video to the server. Lots of man hours, into building it. Very RPG like, with numerous citys you could own houses in, jobs where you could work. I owned 3 citys, 1 of which is actually in the video. at 38 seconds is my first town, which was still being constructed, (kinda of a lost passion) I also owned a realistic city, and a underground city. The mines of the one town can be seen later in the video with the minecart. It was fully functional lighting system. \ (posting this for minecraft fanbois
  2. Tis about as good as the questions I get at bestbuy; "Where is the electronics department?" "Do you sell mattresses?" "Whats a better gaming computer this one for 300 or the one for 350" " I want an "Ipad" can you show me, (Shows Ipad) Wow not that one i saw one in your flier for 100$ i want that Ipad)" -_-" oh and recently I have a guy calling in telling me his facebook is hacked and he needs us to get the ip of some guy in china for the cops because its illegal and its rude of them to do it, and ohh can i sue him for hacking my facebook? I AM NOT A FUCKING LAWYER
  3. Phirewire

    Which car? Mustang- Exact^ Camaro- Not mine but mine has no paint.
  4. Phirewire

    Which car?

    So I Currently have a 87 Camaro Iroc-z (Z-28). Its 350tpi, 700r4 (trans AuTO). I have the bodie sanded down for paint. Has aftermarket exhaust and a gutted interior. 4 wheel disc brakes What I want to do is paint it white, throw a set of performance tires on it, put on true duals and a new cam. But, There is another car I have the ability to purchase and sell my camaro. Its the 65 Mustang 6cyl automatic, its currently rough. Interior is out, motor is there hasn't ran in forever. has drums in back, Overall pretty old and beat. body is rough panels need to be refitted, chrome is off, bumpers are off lights are out. Now that being said alot of work went into getting all the rust off of it. What I would do is put in a V8 from a 80's Fox body. (Lots of parts and its an easy swap easy Horsepower), Throw in a ford 9' rear end with disc brakes. Coil Overs, and some sticky wheels. And then rock it like that. Make it a mean and reliable cruiser that I am not afraid to get scratched. ( I love driving around corners and love having power to Pull out of a corner, I wanna get a gopro to record one day) What would you do? (I have pictures of both, can post then just lazy to upload). Mustang is alot less common will get more attention, but the camaro is easy to get replacement parts from junkyard (fenders and such if needed) but its alot more common and generally is seen as a redneck car. around here.
  5. Phirewire

    VIP+ Suggestion

    So one of the complaints I have been seeing is why buy VIP+? We took away some of the jobs I think something nice would be to add extra VIP+ slots to desirable jobs. So we have a limit of 2 DJ's I think maybe there should be 1 or 2 VIP+ Dj positions. Or other desireable positions than can have multiple spots like Kidnapper.
  6. you spawn into the PD now so not really an option I've spawned and died.
  7. The mayor is just an rdm target. And i believe there needs to be RP rules in place to help. Honestly, anytime I become mayor within first 5 minutes several raids occur. I believe this should be fixed with either a rule stating to rp kill the mayor or Make it so pd can only be raided with a mayor and after so many minutes. Not only this, but anytime outside of the pd I am either instantly mugged, or called raid on while outside the pd then shot. Which i like to believe is fail rp.
  8. The Pariah [puh-rahy-uh] {An outcast / A person generally despised or avoided} 10.12.14 We are the Pariah, we are RELOADED
  9. This is gonna go one way, we are gonna do the reset. That will result in player lost exactly what you dont want to happen, you are fighting for players right now. I agree, a economy reset would be nice and more realistic, and give more reason to play the server to earn money again but why? Why the sudden idea to do this, I don't see complaints from players, I also don't see how it will fix anything. There will always be a fast way to get money. And it will always be exploited.
  10. Appreciate the comments; ) Mi Familia.
  11. Phirewire

    The Fleet

    I will die with it. And which car would like like proof with?
  12. Phirewire

    The Fleet