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  1. u think he got 2nd lt?
  2. I don't know man, 3 years is kinda short.
  3. Jek


    Your spam script ends here friendo. Without cybercrime the Russian economy would be in ruins.
  4. I'll also be making sure all the nooks and in-betweens in the job descriptions and rank protocols are filled in and clarified. That was such a cluster fuck. Can't wait to get to smashing out the trolls that dug everything 6 feet deep.
  5. Yea I remember my first beer.
  6. Jek


    Abandon any hope you have, flee from here mortal.
  7. So I guess that wraps this whole disgusting mess up. User is found guilty in fair trial and will be punished accordingly.
  8. Kiro more or less finds wiggle room "in-between" the rules. He's like a parasite. My permissions are kinda fucky right now so I'll leave this for mother hen.