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  1. Hmm. After much consideration... +1.
  2. Lmfao. That's why it's highly inadvisable to eff with Indox.
  3. The server is down temporarily for upgrades. The team at DarkRP is working really hard to get everything up and going, we only ask for patience and we appreciate yoir continued enthusiasm in DarkRP. Hold on, it's coming.
  4. Jek- The destroyer of paranoia
  5. Morgoth


    Party at Nerando's
  6. Will there be oriental chicken nuggets at that orientation?
  7. Now Introducing: MorkoK Modified Evolved! 10x XP 20x Tame Speed 10x Harvest 2.5x Havest Health Max player level increased to 150 Dino level increased to 100 Modified Engram gains for each level with bonus engrams at certain levels Added 40+ new items to be crafted, including a tranq dart gun and tranq pikes, glass windows and walls, a new reinforced wooden teir and much much MORE! Add me to your favourites and come kick it with Morkok in: Morkok Modified Evolved PvPvE! Copy into your browser, and you'll be on your way!: steam://connect/
  8. I love Wolfie. She punched me unconscious and threw my body into the ocean for the sharks. Good times 2k15 "Be Nice"