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  1. Yall kids still act like this shit show is coming back XD XD XD XD
  2. kekoween is fer kids kek Going as doge b/c he's may fav doge
  3. Just reached Global Elite.

  4. What's with all these new "Italian" styled gangs...
  5. Bud? You're 15. Stop acting like you're 20, like srsly. back on topic, you just joined, so -1 for now.
  6. xD I'll wait up for a co-owner on this one.... lol
  7. -1, it's already been stated that the graffiti swep is gonna be a purchasable wep like the damascus sword or pee swep.
  8. You're a great player, and I know you would make an excellent admin. He's always in team-speak engaging with the community, and he stands out to me. +1
  9. Denied. Use the correct format next time please.