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  1. Oh wow... Nevermind... I wasn't with the group that originally raided you. I came later.
  2. This was my 1st time of this server. I wasn't going to ask Brian to take me away from there... That guy I raided had 3 maxed out printers. If I would have asked Brian to take me to a private spot, what are the odds that he would bring me back inside the guy's base? I understand not to kill in an admin sit, but this was different because the guy I killed was not teleported to me and i was not teleported anywhere either. I don't record when I play, so I'm not sure how I'm supposed to have proof of me doing a legit raid.
  3. RP Name: Henry's Long Lost Kitten Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:20480049 Date of Ban: 4/16/14 Length of Ban: 5760 minutes Offense: rdm in admin sit, fail RP, lying, changing name to avoid punishment). Banned By: Brian Pinard What happened: I was a burglar and I teamed up with another burglar and we raided a house. Then when we got inside an admin, Brian Pinard, flew inside and was like "You guys didnt call Raid". I said Yeah, we did - it was like 5 mins ago cause this guy has so many fading doors. Brian flew away and then came back and was like "You guys are breaking NLR" I said No, I havent even died recently. Brian then started talking to the burglar that I was with and Brian was like "Your the guy that fail rped with the mayor earlier today" ..... Then the owner of the house we were raiding started numpadding his fading doors open and was running inside so I killed him. Then Brian was like "OMG you RDMed when Im talking to you".... Then Brian kicked some guy that had a similar name to mine. So I changed my rpname to "Henry A" so that I could hopefully buy some time so that we could actually talk... But that didnt work cause Brian banned me for 3 days..... I think that Brian is friends with the guy that we raided and he was trying hard to get rid of us. Why should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: I should be unbanned because all of the reasons for my ban are false. 1. "RDM in admin sit" - RDM = Random Death Match. I didn't RDM because I was inside the house and the owner was coming back so I killed him. What was I supposed to do? Let the guy in... Doing this would A. Allow the owner to kill me OR B. Make it awkward with me staring at the owner of the house while Im in his place..... I didn't break any rules when raiding AND the owner of the house wasn't teleported to us, so how was I in an admin sit... 2. "FailRP" - I am a burglar and I was raiding a house with another burglar. I think that Brian just added 'FailRP' so that a 3 day ban would seem reasonable by making the reason for ban longer with words... 3. "Lying" - I never lied to Brian. Once again, I think this is to make the ban reason longer so 3 days would seem reasonable. 4. "Changing name to avoid punishment" - I did not change my name to avoid punishment, but I changed it so that I would buy myself time to talk with Brian... I changed my name after he kicked someone when he meant to kick me.