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  1. It would be interesting to have more people on at a time, alot better roleplay then. At least Revo is planning to update the server as it seems that the recent crashing fits have been deterring people from getting on the server.
  2. tmbates12


    I like the Idea of cooldowns, the only thing is some Medics will just all the sudden go AFK and then you can't use it at all
  3. +1 This Deserves it...Just like a magic cheese statue
  4. tmbates12


    Sometimes...I dream about cheese..its just something about it. Its luscious protein and color. Anything from Cheddar to Asiago...I dream about it.
  5. IGN: [N] Sir Tm of Bates Age: 14 Timezone: US Eastern Time (GMT -5:00) Will You Follow Orders: Yes Rank Preferred?: Sniper How Can You Benefit Our Gang?(4 Sentence Minimum): I'm a pretty good sniper and I am able to provide cover fire from afar. I am also a decent rifle man and can join in on the front lines. I have quite a surplus of money in case needed ($6101727 atm). Also I am pretty flexible as to what I'll do for the gang (Build, Raid, Carjack, Print, Supply, etc.
  6. I think that it wood be interesting if the FBI had an Investigation tool, similar to the one in Trouble in Terrorist Town. The body/ragdoll could stay there for maybe one or two minutes before it disappears so they aren't all over the place lagging up the server. Edit: I think that maybe it could tell who committed the murder, how long ago and with what weapon. This tool might encourage more people to play the FBI class, but it may require a limit so that it doesn't get out of hand.