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  1. It's been a long time since I've plagued these forums, longer since I've ruined the server, but I'm back and those who remember the utter crap I threw at Spam Central will remember the real Undisputed Champ here. Be scared jabronis
  2. Volpics

    CS:GO Knives

    Just go buy a real knife or keep saving and you can buy a Nova for $449.
  3. I must admit, I have used lines from this on the server before.
  4. I'm using a Sensei now and holy hell is this thing smooth. The thing about the Deathadder is that at least in the 2013 and up versions they finally added an actual quality sensor. I mean, this thing is the only decent thing about the entire company, but they still haven't decided to improve their build quality.
  5. They look cool, they have a fantastic sensor but HOLY SHIT THIS BUILD QUALITY IS TERRIBLE. The scroll wheel in mine finally shredded itself so I'm no longer able to use the wheel to scroll. Also Synapse is hot garbage.
  6. Welcome back man. Enjoyed FOB life?
  7. Can we get a quickscope montage everytime we get a quickscope with this turned on?
  8. Volpics

    Idea for a Cop

    The M26 and X26s are the main units used by civilian and military police and have to be reloaded so not only could you implement a cooldown, but a few second reload and limited charges at that.
  9. There may or may not be a little helper that can help you get those for less than you think.
  10. Volpics

    Idea for a Cop

    This really irks me the most since we weren't allowed to shoot fleeing suspects because it would be a use of force violation, even if they were performing serious or grievous bodily harm to others before.