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  1. Hello there, I'd like to apologize for my long long absence. Despite what my steam account might say, I have not been playing GTAV constantly, my schedule has become filled up to the point where I only have saturday and thursday "off". With my time at School, the Fire Academy, normal Fire Company duties and Rescue Squad activities, eating up so much of my schedule and my trip to Europe throwing a hitch in things a month ago I haven't really had a good opportunity to sit down and think about DarkRP Reloaded. I had intended to write this a while ago but my time then was consumed by my trip to Europe and what I started to write I didn't finish. Not that this is going to be some long philosophical retirement thing that took ages of work, I just never got around to finishing it previously. I did not mean to vanish without a trace so I'd like to apologize for that, I definitely should of messaged some people sooner. I'd just like to thank everyone for their time and making this community a great place. I can't speak for the current state of things but I know it seemed like everything was heading in the right direction when I left, and the Overseers are doing a great job improving the server's quality, as well as ShadowZack of course . If I had more time on my hands I would definitely jump on the server more and try to get back into the swing of things but at this time I really just can't dedicate enough time to it. I'm quite sad thats how it turned out as I loved this server and its unique community, and I wish it the best! Hopefully I will be able to find the time somewhere in the future to enjoy it again, but with college looming I have my doubts I'll ever really get back into the community. Thank you all, HerMajesty
  2. I didn't mean fists, I was referring to Giezey's suggestion about a Pet Leader.
  3. Pet leader wouldn't make sense, pets are supposed to be your pets/assistants/servants etc, not yet another mafia group.
  4. I'd like to remind users, if you were not involved, do not reply to ban appeals or reports. Failure to follow this simple rule will result in warning points the next time around.
  5. HerMajesty

    Drive By Shooting

    This could be useful for gang glasses, the point of drive bys. Not so much for anyone else, but great idea +1.
  6. You lied about your age on your previous application. It wasn't brought up then but now you claim you're 16 and then you said 18? Do not lie on your application about age. If you're good enough we will get over it. You also claimed you were 17 on your very first app, and less than a month later claimed you were 18 on your second app, and here you are now saying you're 16. Heck you actually called out TheExtremeHearshot because he said you weren't actually 17. Not only that but your app was denied because you have alway been a sort of troublemaker/problem player. You may have improved a bit in others eyes but I still have issues with your activities on the server, and the lying is inexusable. You cannot be trusted. Liars do not make good admins. -1
  7. Would be a very unique premium perk.
  8. Quad 980 build with triple monitor setup?
  9. Guys, do not respond to ban appeals unless you were directly involved please. Thank you.