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  1. everyone type in the chat, fry is a ______ ______ whoever wins gets jek's mixtapes
  2. ;-; *Cries in corner*
  3. FryTheGreat


    theManiac suggested an Arsonist class and he gets it accepted... Meanwhile, I suggested it a year ago and got denied. ;-; *Super jealous*
  4. Carry a Striker or a USAS with you. If the DB user misses, you have the upper hand. You can also try to make them miss if you're speedy enough.
  5. FryTheGreat


    I'm bi too but I only came out to people I trust. If you wanna come out, wait until you're 18 and get a car. Tell them you're whatever and if they don't accept, drive as far as possible... I don't know if that helps...
  6. So, I was at Walmart. Went in at around 10:50, 10 minutes until closing. So I went to grab two frozen items which took me 2 minutes and walked to the cashier. I was deciding which one to go to because there was only 2. I went for the express, even though it's line was longer. So, about 5 minutes in, I'm only quarter way in and I looked over at the other line. More than half of the customers that was already there were gone... I decided to stay in the line, hoping that we'll move faster. So it took me about another 5 minutes until the end of the line. Then, when I was the 3rd customer, the three Chinese people buying fishing rods was having issues. I decided to wait. I looked at my phone and it's already been 10 minutes... Fuck, my ice cream's probably melted now... The cashier asked them do they want to buy the third fishing rod. They responded with yes. So she scanned it. Then, right after, they said they don't want it! She tried to call for the Supervisor but they already left. The cashier told them they have to return it tomorrow. I looked at the other line again and customers were just flowing through... The cashier said to us: "These people don't care for other people's lives. I gotta go home too." I told her how the other line was moving faster than our's. The three people then left and the cashier had to be the one apologizing for something that wasn't her mistake. When I got out and drove away, they were still standing outside looking at the rods...
  7. FryTheGreat


    I think that it should replace arrest baton and I can justify this. Make handcuffs be able to have three functions: Lock arms, release arms, and arrest/teleport to jail. This allows police to question the person before they start baton rushing.
  8. LOL no. They already said there's too many cars. This is most likely not getting accepted. They said the only chance that a car can get in is if they replaced one that's currently on the server.
  9. #BanTheBulma2k16 K. So, first off. The problem started when I killed him. It was because he was wanted and pulled out a gun and started shooting. That threatens me so of course, I shot back. Luckily, other players supported me on this. But then, I witnesed him kill several officers. So of course, I put a wanted on him. He says I couldn't have seen it and he called his buddies came by as "Witnesses". They all made shit up and the admin had no choice so they got me jailed. Just venting a little bit. Too bad I don't have any proof so this can't be a report...
  10. I think this should only be for DJs. Bartenders already have drug dealers and stuff.
  11. I thought the Reloaded PD has the worst drivers in the world? They usually crash into things other than the target car...
  12. I know this might not get added, but I'm giving it a try anyways. Recently, for some strange reason, I've been obsessed with the Suburban and the Tahoe and it's pickup counterparts. So I wanted to see the Silverado added into the server. I have the page for it right here:
  13. I've noticed some police vehicles don't allow SWAT to use them as seen on the Jobs list in the Dealer. I would really like it if all officers can use all police cars because sometimes when I am SWAT, I'm not able to use the police cars that I want to use.