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  1. Some of us weren't biased but good luck~
  2. AgilKaskon


    Never flee. Always stand your ground.
  3. I think what you did was read mug and just didnt read anything else. If you would've stopped moving then I think it would've mattered a bit more if he insta killed you like he did. But however I see your point. What recording software do you use if I may ask?
  4. Going back looking at the music I put, I barely listen to some of it anymore. xD Lets Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
  5. I gotchu dont worry. We'll break all the gambling machines that get implemented somehow someway.
  6. The specific outlines would be rather annoying after a while and, Kiro wasn't literally trying to say a legit 100% wall hack. The dot gives the relative location, and once you get close enough you can pretty much tell their specific position. Maybe not an outline, but atleast the point their model is standing on. And yes it did exist back before the server went down. If you're keeping track of where you and your buddies are you wont end up killing a friendly... Unless you're running spraying with an MG, or you tunnel vision on your opponent so hard to where you can see your mate, which seems nearly impossible TO ME. Regardless though, A party system would seem nice to have but give it time for everything to come back to reloaded now.
  7. Check the post I made on him. We kinda posted a report on the same guy.
  8. Mi Mi Mi - Nightcore. Go watch the original music video and have fun lmao
  9. I was unaware there was a copy steam ID Button, but I did do what you said. But again, he disconnected before I could write it down. I see it now. I never really paid any attention to what it said.
  10. Your IGN: AgilKaskon Player being reported: Psyanide/Killer Kremester (Same person) People involved: Too many. (The picture says it all) What the player has done wrong: Mass RDM, Mass RDA, and NLR Proof: He killed several people and some he killed multiple times. He walked up to 3 different people and just shot them right in the face here. I was going to grab his Steam ID but he logged off before I could really write it down. EDIT: I was completely unaware another report was already submitted against him when I entered mine. Sorry for the second thread.
  11. just a side note for this: For the entirety of the server being down, He has expressed a severe want to come back to reloaded towards me at least
  12. AgilKaskon