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  1. I have much more in my portfolio. But yeah I can see why you'd think that.
  2. Very clever. arn't i.
  3. What happened to this place. I miss all the fun moments. all the salty dogs in sits. ugh. I miss being a drug lord and making fuck loads of cash. I would defiantly play here again and help in any way possible if this were to get back up and running. Nowadays I do boring stuff like 3d modelling and map making like this: Bring this place back. I'll support in every way Hi to those of you that know me. o/
  4. I guess that could be true. but there is a hardcore rp audiance out there, maybe they don't come to darkrp servers for that exact reason. Would be cool to do a hardcore rp server.
  5. Back in october when I left the community I moved on to another rp/life mod for Arma 3, Called Arma 3 Life. The rules there are very well thought out and I think some of them should defiantly be implemented to here for more RP. Rule suggestion #1 Valuing all lives. If you are being mugged/ robbed/ kidnapped and you do not value your life for the sake of just not wanting to comply with your robber and kidnapper then that will be considered FAIL RP, as in real life if some one has a gun pointed to you and asks you to give them money, you're not going to let them kill you so you can keep your money. Rule suggestion #2 Meta gaming. In real life you have no name tag over your head. so In game if we could make it a rule that you're NOT allowed to know some ones name by their nametag, you must obtain their name some other way then looking at their name tag, that may be by asking them it, forceing them for it, or anything else to get it out of them. this fixes the issue with you killing some one and the person you killed really wants revenge and he saw your name tag so now he knows exactly where to find you as well as adds more RP to the game. Rule suggestion #3 Kill logs. the kill logs that appear at the top right of the screen when some one is killed and using that information to give you a lead should be considered FAIL RP. If you see that your friend dies in the kill log and you now stop whatever your doing to go to his location isn't right. so you should not be able to use the kill log for information, and if you do it should be considered FAIL RP. Rule suggestion #4 Verbal communication, Complying, Initiating You must use verbal communication to initiate some sort of rp with the person you are about to raid / mug / kidnap. He must have done something to you, or you must lour him somewhere (for kidnapping). this stops people from just randomly kidnapping some one and makes it so you must role play yourself kidnapping them with a valid reason. Note for raids an mugs and kidnapps, the adverts can still stay but I personally think that some sort of initiation must happen before you mug them or raid them, or kidnapping them. Examples of initiation: I see a guy walking down the street and I want to mug him, so in verbal communication you ask him to "Get on the ground and stop what you are doing" at this point if the person complys you can now say your advert and let him know you are robbing him in verbal. if he does not comply and or follow your rules to whatever you told him in verbal aswell as in the advert then you have the right to kill him, and aswell report him for not valuing his life. You're looking for a guy in a red lambo, and you see a red lambo drive by, you yell at him with guns aimed at the car or in had saying "stop the car" (this is initiation) if he stops the car you can let him know you have a gun pointed to his head and you want him out of the car, if he decides to comply you can proceed to mug him / kidnap him by letting him know in advert AND in voice. and if he doesn't comply and drives away in the car you now have the right to shoot at him because he did not COMPLY. I hope this all makes sense to everyone as I would love for the RP in the community be a lot better than what it is as this is called "DarkRP". These are just some examples of hardcore rp rules and there is many more that I would want to bring up, but would have to put more time into thinking it out. Keep in mind with these rules in place reporting people and doing admin situations may be alot more different and may require people to give physical proof of what happend so they can come to the bottom of it. because it's getting very annoying being teleported some where when your in a n RP SITUATION Because the kid you just rekt is very salty. at the other community if you wish to report some one you need valid proof either in screen shots or video's and it prevents all this salty-ness in the community. So i guess that could be another suggestion. Thanks for reading.
  6. I haven't been on in a while and I never knew there was an undercover cop. /close?
  7. Well you already get a crop ton of money for donating.. plus classes like Pro meth cook. that's "pay to win"
  8. I had an Idea on a class called "Detective" but I don't know what he would really do. So I wanted to ask here for some opinions on what a detective could do. because I think it would be a cool class if people made up some cool ideas.
  9. Maybe make printers that are a little bit more powerful than gold for VIP and VIP+. Pros: People may want to donate to get the printers. Cons: The making of the printers? Let me know what you guys think!
  10. why get 149.99 ram and 103$ video card. video card is more important for gaming.
  11. App is too short, I don't know you and you are by far way too young. the age requirement is 16.