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  1. The discord invite at the top of the page is invalid.
  2. I haven't been here since I was 15. I'm surprised there's so many of you guys still checking in. Apparently the server is under development and planned to go live again eventually? How can I follow along, do we have a discord?
  3. -1 Attempted to dethrone me as king fuckup. +1 <3
  4. I was the OG forum mod, kicking forum-ass through text since the days of vanilla downtown and 1-level VIP systems. All your votes are belong to me. EDIT: The short list of names in this poll is pretty sad... We really do need more staff.
  5. I hope you crash into an emporium of mirrors and break every single one there, you lucky bastard.
  6. I don't have a working wifi antenna on my PC. I haven't played in months, so I lost my rank, I was only S4 though. :c
  7. I know how you may be feeling right now, but trust me, suicide is NOT the answer. Seriously though, this is a painful thing to see. ;-; RIP in pepperoni.
  8. It's not coming out tomorrow, but they're probably going to announce it.
  9. Er, the point of a debate is to state a claim and actually back it up with critical thinking, evidence, and reasoning. Simply saying your opinion and then refusing to explain isn't contributing anything. It's like saying Playstation is better than Xbox and then leaving the room, or saying a game is terrible and backing that statement with "I dunno, it just is". I don't really delve much into stuff like this, so I guess I'll keep my arguments shallow; I think it should be legalized as doing so would essentially ruin an entire form of criminal business. People using said business may be using the funds gained from it to stage other, much more severe crimes. It's a form of prevention that I predict would be very effective. Furthermore, I know a lot of smokers myself, and as far as I can tell, they seem fine. And these guys are underage, too. But then again, I've hardly studied the effects of weed at all, so take that with a grain of salt. As trex said, this could also provide a much needed boost to our economy.
  10. I read this as "I'll be retarded soon". O_o If the servers gone back to its roots, then that's something I'd love to see. I can't get on anytime soon though, so I have to experience it through screenshots... Henry is love, Henry is life.
  11. I looked at Zacks workshop and couldnt figure out which one was the current version. Link it please?
  12. = 3 Good to see you too, Dakota <3
  13. In Game Name: MattMxR or Vlur (It's been months, I've forgotten). Severity of bug/glitch/exploit: Description of bug/glitch/exploit: Gives me an error message upon attempting to connect to the server. What triggered the bug/glitch/exploit: Simply trying to connect. Who else was involved or saw the bug/glitch/exploit: Just moi. Other:
  14. You dont take into account the fact that Pro Meth Cooks are unallowed to base on their own, therefore they usually have to split the profit of each batch with their landlords. Split that 16k with one other person, lets say 50/50, and thats 8k per person. Its even less if you're basing with someone who wants more than 50% or if you're basing with a group. Split it between 3, and thats $5333 per person. Between 4, and thats 4k per person. When you do the math on paper, it SEEMS profitable, but at this point cooking meth isnt worth the time unless you're farming 4 gold printers along with it. I get why you dont want to increase the profit though. We just fixed the economy and this class has the potential to fuck it up again.
  15. Id like to add that just this morning I caught I_LIEK_TURTLES trying to solo raid me as a BMD. I dont have any proof, sorry to say, but hopefully this helps a bit.