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  1. I thought you said " Your art does suck " at first :x but pfft your art is awesome !
  2. Sorry to say the server isn't up , & hasn't been for a while . Will it come back ? The world may never know .
  3. Vegeta for overseer Steam name: Vegeta♥ Steam ID: I forgot RP name: Vegetables Age: 20 Time zone + Location: Here Hours Available: When i want About You: Im Vegetables . Why you would be an asset to our team: B.c Im vegetables . ps. Im revo's favorite
  4. Yeah I'll allow Jek's -1 . Sorry creeps . lol Denied due to lack of positive supports . Lock this please
  5. We already have that " bad image person " , that would be Ninjastar with an addition of his underling , Pocci . I'll leave this application here for a while , see how you act around the org , if you continue to bother multiple members by being annoying as hell then I'll close this with denied , it gets any better I'll accept it .
  6. Vegeta

    Boat Dealer

    just kill urself -1
  7. Needless to say I need to make a kick division bind .
  8. Thats coz hes in the org , ya goof ♥ ( new org system ) needless to say I'm going to make a spectate ninja bind .
  9. Title says most of it , " New update , New application rules " . Server gets full so fast , we get new players and I hear it everyday " CAN I JOIN ?" . So welcoming the new players , apps will be chillaxed , try having open arms and a helping hand . IF FOR ANY REASON some member is bothering you , don't rage quit and leave the org , talk with me and we will figure things out . Requirements to join ; You DON'T need an app to join , but would be nice to see members opinions . You DO need to have been somewhat active with two or more members of the org . You DO need to read over the org rules , because breaking them will lead to you being removed from the org . If you're new to reloaded welcome , have fun and whatever you do ; Don't do anything Ninjastar or Pocci does .