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  1. if Indox owes anyone it's SpyBoss and me for putting us through emotional trauma i think Indox just owes everyone
  2. I really liked Misterwives
  3. idk what i did to this quote. but you go to bed at like 2am every morning dude. not much of an owl
  4. the fact that its a joke not a penis, friend
  5. I thought it was funny. You seem a bit too self-lovey lately
  6. you sound 17 at least. can you send me some puberty please
  7. The server was wiped, money, cars, etc. will not be readded(from what Zack legitimately repeated at least 15 times today). I don't know about donation crap, but the server just came up so how bout just tell Zack you love him and shushing up
  8. stacking them is basically the new entities in a bathtub, it lags like mad
  9. I suggest talking to people like Vegetable and Angelish, there are probably others but those are the two major ones I know.
  10. ignore this dude, he's been hanging out with Scoob for too long and thinks he's cool. but hiiii, welcome back. as a loser who actually goes through immensely old topics and reads them, i like you.
  11. Wolfie

    Discord Server?

    i didn't mean personally to have both installed, i meant for the server to have both at once or even to just switch to Discord, im one of those people that wont install a new deal just for one reason