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  1. I mean if it's your favorite server why did you cheat?
  2. Updated desktop: https://gyazo.com/ea60385835a6c1c70f363bbb0b2490e3
  3. I am basic AF: https://gyazo.com/9b26ff34f598462f3703c72e5d97320e
  4. I plays the DOTA 2 cause it's better then CS:GO.
  5. I think you deserve a longer ban :/
  6. Wait who the fuck let you out? Pretty sure I told gary to keep you in the VIP part of his basement.
  7. Yeah and i think he deserves it because, one he shouldn't have been in the VoteBan menu when an admin is on and if he was typing and meant to put it in OOC that's still not okay because of the risk. We would have talked to him and not made the punishment that large but we had a huge sit going on at the moment with a bunch of trolls from the U.K.
  8. Exactly what I was saying when it happened.
  9. Pudding you have been here for a while and I personally haven't had any problems with you. Your app is nice, but I have to agree with goku I haven't seen you on much but i think you will be more active when admin, so +1 from me.