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  1. who the fuk are you.... what was ur rp name, and ur ip isnt in the bann list, and either are u?
  2. Is it because my chose penis is bigger than ur cheese wheel?
  3. A qoute from a long lost uk hooligan The mountain man strikes again!
  4. The only reason we have promoted outside the community is because..... look at our community its smaller and full of trolls and if we promoted people just for playing a lot then our server would have been dead 2 years ago. Also look how many people(admins and others) abandon the community when times get rough if we were a ship every time someone yelled ice berg we would lose half our crew. Ya reloaded has been bleeding lately but we die off and come back all the time. Being some one who actually cares about something means you stay during the greatest of times and the worst of times. After you do that you really begin to understand what it means to be apart of the reloaded empire. But of course Instead of talking to me or trying to get w/e problem solved people just leave. I don't understand why admins get so butt hurt about other admins again you can always talk to me about it. But none the less you lasted longer then a lot of other admins and all i have to say about that is.... LONG LIVE THE RELOADED EMPIRE we came we saw and conquered then got conquered... then conquered again. And jimeng you got demoted for inactivity i didn't agree with it but you never asked for your admin back so i was like OK.
  5. When does it take balls to state your opinion... especially on reloaded? Oh deathchillz you just couldn't wait for the update. Yes there was a time when mods hid posts but only when the posts were completely toxic if you people did some constructive criticism and actually tried to help instead of vent their small penis frustrations out on the forums i promise you they wont be deleted blocked or moved.
  6. Is this because naughty stole your vet admin and my heart when he boxed you on the server ?
  7. i didnt delete it.. i pressed backspace and it went back a page U FUKIN DIP SHIT EAT MY BITTY
  8. If anyone has some shit that we have lasted please feel free to add it
  9. First off this is my second time rewriting this post i pressed backspace and it fukin went back and deleted all my fukin shit GG(RELOADED FUKTARD SHENANIGANS). So im going to hurry up and write this because i already spent like 45 minutes doing it. Ok about the server pop being low.. this is no problem guys we have survived longer then any other darkrp server out there( that is still populated). Lets take a look back through time. What seems like 10 years ago reloaded was born and it was populated by autist, trolls, retards, and rejects(nothing new here.. lets be honest it still has the same people). The first time reloaded was threatened was by one of its own coowners Matt. This coowner hated revo so much that he was going to delete reloaded and turn the box into ddos bots(he was mad revo was using the money to buy dayz hacks... god revo is such a scrub). Luckily he was a huge mega Autist and at the time we had and anti-Autist troll on the server and his name was... Hate it was originally > then a fuktard name trix(another coowner) ran into my base and deleted everything because he didn't know how to use a lock pick on a fading door...(WHAT A RETARD ahah <3 him) this pissed me off so much that i said to Trix "hey shit bag wtf i will shit in ur mouth if u do that again" and he was like in that girly voice of his "uhhh i couldn't open ur door and then banned me for a day." Then fukin hate was born i came onto the server wanting to get banned... and i unleashed my mighty unholy and unmerciful Vengeance/justice on the poor population of reloaded. I did what any unhappy reloaded player would do i found myself a gang got me some guns/blow/ a few male looking hookers(u couldn't choose your model at the time) and fuked some scrubs up laughing the whole time and While i did this i got a boner bigger and longer than the heavens and i then decided that i didnt want to get banned anymore i wanted to be an admin. I dont feel like going through the rest of the story... so long story made short i promoted myself to superadmin go a hold of the password to the box then changed the password banned matt and then told the slut bag revo what had happened when i first talked to revo he was like im gonna need some proof and i was said sure just read the MOTD and it was seriously like 5 pages of matt ripping on revo AHAHAH. This is just one moment of time that reloaded should have died but the fates kept her dirty hooker ass alive. Lets go through some others in bullet points. Bad admins (3-4 going crazy and trying to ban the whole server, 10-15 of them through out reloaded's history trying to start their own servers.. also deleteing the teamspeak or fuking with it.. cough grim) Other servers trying to steal our players/ideas seriously if you go check all the popular servers out right now they have stolen so many class/shit from us Bad overseers (mutineers trying to overthrow reloaded) Trolls (kiro) Autistic Trolls (Dickshadow) Ddoses we have been hit by so many ddoses the servers down time due to them is about 3-4 months. Derptrolling they hit us with a ddos so big it blew up one of nfos routers (28000$) im surprised the leader of nfo didnt go to revos house and butt fuk him in the street hackers what is this the third fukin forums? Retards on teamspeak... this is like our 10th fukin teamspeak(toby)/retard choir Server crashers literately one guy devoted an entire hour of his day everyday for a month just to crash the server at like 8pm... EVERYFUKINDAY for a month. Dumb bitches(bunny or w/e her name was trying to get admin and talking trix into giving her admin then starting all sorts of half steppin moiste ass bitch drama) poor trix getting honey dicked. also jessica oh god that bitch was annoying hahah) Revo and I's shitty coding ahahah Lets not forget staff meetings everyone i survive is like another scar on my intellect which you can tell isn't by my engrish is already damaged. Pictures of cp from some disgruntled other server owner on the website that could of got us shut down... But through all this shit reloaded still stands ya shes a dirty smelly whore but i still love her... and i promise u we will get our pop back up over summer. People are just doing other shit everyone needs a reloaded break... Just remember people always come back to reloaded. Also just remember through all this shit some really fukin great times have happened and i wouldn't trade those times for the world. From your fellow reloaded player Fukin Hate