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  1. Well idk well figure all that out! Amen
  2. Hi guys, I am writing this to inform you on my future plans involving darkrp reloaded in order to inform you on maybe a noticeable change in behavior of which you will witness! I plan on attempting to gain a bit more of a community feel in order to make sure everyone enjoys my presence rather than dreading me getting on. What I mean by a community feel is getting more involved in the community and attempting to have more of a positive influence. I am pretty certain that my money will transfer in the new version? I am not to sure though however if it does I will have 80 - 180 million dollars. However if it does not transfer over I will be shooting for a worth of 20-30 million dollars of which I can consistently keep and then slowly but surely give away. I plan on starting a organisation of which will support new players and get them a start to the dark rp reloaded community I hope you all start supporting my presence! Thank you for reading this! - Nirvanamonkey
  3. Damn guys, I thought the server really was gonna come back up I guess not now :c sad.... alot of good times on here anyways I want to thank all of you guys for a awesome experience on the server and alot of fun!
  5. yeah bring it back up I miss it all the other servers have a shit community and are corporate bastards.
  6. This issue has not been resolved IDK what to do
  7. Damn did anyone else begin to get this when they updated to windows 10
  8. And monkey wants to run his prison again
  9. No it doesn't only in gmod I get to sending client info then crash didn't happen before windows 10... miss u guys and wanna see the update
  10. Whenever I join the server my screen is black and I can hear everyone but cant do anything... Help? UPDATE WHEN I JOIN I CRASH IN THE LOADING SCREEN JUST AS I AM SENDING CLIENT INFO
  11. can be annoying saying get rekt +1 Good guy good vibe good attitude don't make me change my mind
  12. well not prop minging like kidnapping and shit but you know what your alright