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  1. This thread allows for people who weren't online when questions were answered to see the answers, and not spam chat. The goal to prevent chat spam. Thanks for answering the questions! Updating thread right now. Hopefully this will prevent chat spam.
  2. Here are some answers to questions that I have seen spammed in OOC. These questions have been answered by shadowzack, so all are responses are accurate. Those car were purchased on a different server. They have also been removed from the game. They may regain access to those car if we decide to re add them later. This is also the case with the old perma weapons. We do not currently have any plans to re give out old money. VIP money is a one time bonus which was already give out. This is a new server. Old Ranks have been carried over to the new server as a courtesy to returning players. We may decide later on to implement a system to give out old vip money bonuses. No. This is a new freshly wiped server. 3/5 of the old staff was demote. If old staff want their admin back, they will need to reapply. Do not poke,pm,whisper,bug,etc admins about reapplying. The shine maybe fixed later on, it is near the bottom of things to care about right now. This is being discussed internally. Most likely not, our player base doesnt seem to have the attention span to handle this play style. This is really up to the community itself. I will be spending the minimal amount of time on the forum. This hasn't been discussed, there are no plans currently to go back and add removed staff to retired staff. Nope. Not unless there is a major economy breaking bug that gets exploited or Major gameplay change to the server. Car prices are fine. No change needed. Play that by ear. No current plans for anything. No plans to revive glife. Stacker Tool was never added. No current plans to re add precision.
  3. I agree entirely with what you said. I was given my premium by Dogecoin, I would hate for his gift of $60 to go to waste.
  4. Illusion

    C'mon Scoob

    I know what you want shraggie you want to make a big sandwich
  5. Winner is #10 with Halomaster1st. Thanks for entering the giveaway, guys! I would appreciate it if someone could lock the thread.
  6. Illusion

    C'mon Scoob

    some random shit I found on youtube- when I sent the link to a friend they thought I was referring to scoobie
  7. This is completely unrelated to the giveaway which this thread is focused on. I cannot tell if you want to enter the giveaway or not, so I will assume that you do not wish to enter since you did not mention anything regarding entering. Giveaway is almost over guys!
  8. I'll start on yours after I make the avatar for the winner
  9. Participants list updated- remember guys, contest ends tonight! Also, don't forget the sidenote- if you're a vetadmin or higher I'll make you an avatar regardless, so you will not be on the list of entries.
  10. Giveaway is Over Winner: #10 (Halomaster) Prize: x1 Avatar made for you in both high and low resolution as separate PNGsRequirements: You must have previously been an active player on DarkRPReloadedYou must be someone which I have at least seen online beforeYou must have a post count of 20 or greaterHow to win: I'll use to generate a random post number, with one lucky winner receiving the custom avatar. You cannot submit multiple entries, only your first count will be entered. Deadline: This giveaway will end in approximately 22 hours. Depending on your request, it may take me a while to create your avatar. Please don't bug me asking when it will be done, I'll stay in touch with you through Steam. Reason: I decided to do a giveaway on the "new forums" to reward those which are still a part of the community. I felt that those which have been with the server for a while should be rewarded. Hopefully someone will enter this. I just got bored and decided that making an avatar for someone I know (for free) would be fun. Just know that if I have a cool idea for your avatar, I may not follow exactly what you request. Participants: TrextylerNirvanamonkeyWolfieLogKiroShadeJesus (jesuswin)JoshSellsGunsScoobHalomaster(Kochi will receive a free avatar due to being a vetadmin as stated in the sidenote) Sidenote: Vetadmins and up don't need to enter- if you'd like one made, just add me on Steam and I'll do it for free
  11. nice style you must really like monkeys
  12. Illusion


    How long was that there? 500 or so is the most I've ever seen in one
  13. you forgot "scoobie" and "scoob"
  14. Thanks for the video, Nerando. You can clearly see the propblock/failrp Mateo and Tacoman are clearly in the wrong. The video doesn't show Jed doing anything besides just standing there watching. The video also doesn't show , but it does show the things I listed above. In regards to the entire mayor thing, I specifically talked to Ronald multiple times and told him that he needed to leave spawn, since he had just been camping there giving speeches when I had been online before this happened- he should've stopped camping in spawn when I told him before I left. Players will be punished once I get online. Closed.
  15. I have seen you online, but know nothing about you. Really short application in my opinion, considering not many people seem to know you at all. -1 for now.
  16. You need to become more well known as Shade stated above. I also feel that your application is a little short- I'd suggest adding more information about yourself since no one appears to know much about you. Merely being online doesn't get you well known- actively RPing around the map is probably one of the most effective ways to become more known.
  17. +1 You appear to be pretty chill from the few times we've talked- you have potential. You're also a longtime player which knows the rules. Hoping to get to know you better in the future.
  18. Still needing this to be made into a sub forum. Thanks!
  19. Players have been dealt with. Closed.
  20. Overview Roster Rules Recruitment Alliances We're going to be getting our own sub-forum soon. This thread isn't completely done. Please don't comment until the thread is finalized.