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  1. So the title says it all. Im buying H1Z1 King of the Kill for rp$ (Make post how much you want for the game)
  2. The guy who exploited money (and got banned lol)
  3. Rest in peace beautiful darkrp reloaded
  4. So why do you have fallout 4 on xbox one then?
  5. Buy me fallout 4 and I'll rate it for u m8
  6. What's your skype name? EDIT: nmv found you
  7. I dont want viewers to think that my intro is bad so you if want to you could show me how to make my content better? and would you show me how to do your music sync thing too?
  8. First of all I didn't - rep you and I swear I didn't try to find any proofs you want I never did that and making my own intro/outro needs adobe after effects and I dont have this software remark that I could torrent it but not now. I want to concentrate first on my vids qualities and then on my intro/outro but right now my priority is the quality. If you know how to use sony vegas pro 13 and want to help me make better videos your help will be appreciated.