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  1. Idk what was going on but yesterday when I got onto the server I went to go get some metal ore and I tried putting it all in a forge and it didn't do anything. The sawmill worked but the forge didn't. Its either the forge is broken or idk how to work it. Thanks.
  2. Woah dude. I just wanted to show 1 thing and you get annoyed or something for some reason.
  3. I hit a very insane clip and I wanted to show you guys. Be happy https://youtu.be/sh0kY2LMZUE
  4. Tylerman943


    Hey bud u gonna stay or u just visiting. ps the layout is different
  5. I'm MG so I could carry u hopefully
  6. Favorite admin gone. But I agree with u gmod gets fuckin boring
  7. Lol this was pretty good. Btw jek u might have made him hang himself
  8. I just find it kinda sad that all these great admins that we had before are all leaving when I first was on the forums I had the greatest time.