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  1. it still has community builder u blind
  2. RP Name:Kevinville34Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:60303932Date of Ban:4/2/16Length of Ban:5 hours Offense: exploitingBanned By: ShadeWhy should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: The whole server has noclip and shade thinks I'm exploiting and decides to punish me only for it when others were noclipping also. and i'm bored have nothing else 2 do.
  3. jek the kind of guy to buy tickets to xbox live
  4. he took the money and ran to africa
  5. Ahah! its the kid who kept raging at me and tried to act like he was hood
  6. is it 2 late even tho she is da overseer +10000 for my mom
  7. shakira shakiraaaa o babi u can danc lik disssss u mak me hipz g0 hiiiii