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  1. ^ fallout 4 in a nutshell
  2. It's confirmed, you can no longer deny it. Wolfie has spoken.
  3. Over compensation, psychological response often used by humans to hide something, what could you try to hide in this conversation.... perhaps you are gay?
  4. Played it 2 diff characters both on survival mode. First 1 was lame didn't know what I was doing, second one was fun as hell I ran around with nothing but a sword (unless it was a suicide Super Mutant) chopping everyone up. I was a Cannibal, a Lone Wanderer, a Ghoul, and a Pack Mule meaning I had 435 carry weight and major damage resist and massive health regen. I never EVER used the Power armor (only nubs use that cheap crap) I made like 14 diff settlements and they all have over 15 people at them, I am bored of the game I quit.
  5. Goku

    Small Correction

    cuz Trex is a grammar nazi
  6. josh... if i could care a little bit more, i would kill you
  7. this is what happens when non black people post on black peoples threads
  8. Jek can die in a hole. That is a fact, I am not saying that I wish for him to die, I am simply stating that it is possible.

  9. +1, PLEASE for the love of.... w.e u believe in let us have the choice of a darker Theme.
  10. its too fucking bright... dammit
  11. because it doesn't stink? Kevin your jokes are dumb please turn in your meme card.