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  1. I think they're all valid questions that are worth asking, and remember Spy these aren't just HIS questions. These are questions he's gathered from the COMMUNITY. I think it's a very valid thread, considering we've been waiting for this for quite some time now, and we have not been filled in on much. Cheers,
  2. Nirvana is a nice guy. Used to base w/ him in the bank haha. Nice guy vouch +1 lmao But yeah, I think maybe this might be misunderstood a bit. I think (from what I gathered) is that he's letting those who didn't particularly favor him know that he's going to behave in a different manner to become a better "liked" member in the community. I don't think he's trying to push anything, just letting those know hes changed and wants a clean slate! Correct me if I'm wrong because I could've misinterpreted the whole thing! Thanks.
  3. It's "Eazy-E", not "Easy E". lel. (Which was probably purposeful). And the song you mentioned near the end of your post, is "Boyz N' Tha Hood" (by Eazy-E). Although I enjoyed your clearly sarcastic, and informative post about most of those who claim to have been fans of N.W.A for all their lives but have only watched the movie recently, and know surprisingly little about the individuals. Cheers on a shared opinion.
  4. Dogecoin

    Shark Class

    I think it'd bring a little more than just boats crashing into each other at the beach; it seems like a cool idea. If this were to be added I would hope the SWEP (bite swep) the shark job gets would be able to deal minor damage to boats, that way there's a reason to be cautious even when you're not swimming. Again, good idea. +1
  5. I was there, before any admins were even on and you tried to RDM me! Division and I even spoke to you about it, (no admins were on, so we made the best of the situation we could) and you continued to break other rules. Constant disrespect of players, and I saw several votekicks and votebans for who knows what other offenses you pulled! I personally, think this ban is well deserved! (Division knows much more on the matter, but is banned from the forum for "no" reason, according to him.) Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope my opinion helped at least one person.