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    +1 that would be cool when people in the water
  2. RP name ; Division Gambino Time zone ;(UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Times online ; pretty much anytime but friday-monday 2-4pm monday-friday 3-7pm when ever i am on Reasons for wanting to join ; why I want to join the Geilords is because You guys are pretty fun people to hang out with and i love playing with you guys. also you guys are the best gang out there What can you bring to our org ; well im pretty good at raiding and being with a team + im very smart believe or not.
  3. kfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
  4. talk to her m8 and then when you guys start going out maybe then that's when you FUCK HER I didn't get a bj from my gf until like 3 months nor a handjob and other stuff anywhos it takes time unless she ready and you are then that's when you doing shit
  5. we have 41 mins each period
  6. So I just recently became a freshman on Tuesday sept 1st now everything is going smoothly I make two friends, My teachers are legit awesome and there pretty funny too. The school is pretty big but not to confusing I can find my classes easily. comes 3rd period I go to gym n I hate everyone in it. 4th period I got chorus now there are two tenths graders one today kept looking at me and just started blushing anyways she pretty hot too comes 5th period im still trying to find where to sit where there is someone I know/don't hate nor people annoy my friends table is full all the time so I have to sit somewhere else wheres there room. Comes 6th period I meet my new friend chris me and him both dated two girls and those two girls were best friend meaning he dated the ugly one I got the hot one :]. 7th and 8th period English/English seminare there is a hot girl with a nice ass sitting in the front with short shorts on so basically its hard for me to pay attention with that going on. Today in English me and friend thought it was a Funny idea to play a prank on my ex who last year after we broke up was a big whore anways so I text her hey wanna go out she said wait what are you kidding and 5 mins later she kept walking past my class and so I soon as the bell rang she was right there and walked as fast as I can to my math class. 9th period nothing really happens this past week but my math teacher is awesome. Oh almost forgot there is a popular girl in my lunch who I think likes me back and in 8th grade she would always start a conversation with me and flirt with me but I would just be to nervous anways Idk how to start a convo with her nor have any balls to walk up to her and say hi to fml right? Plz help with this situation!
  7. ew ark now dayz is the best survival game out there
  8. joshy I said I did poorly but thank for letting me know my mistakes
  9. See If I were to draw that it would look like a austic drawing
  10. idk why but when I saw this I said you know what autism works in many different shapes n forms that kid showed a explain btw its 2k15 who uses turd anymore