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  1. From my understanding you just got back from whatever and your never on.. ok. -1
  2. Your app is too short. Your too young, immature, also a "troll", and don't know the rules quite clearly. My answer is all of that with a side of no. -1
  3. Firstly you didn't promote yourself of why we should allow you to have the powers of an admin. You also aren't on enough, and when you are on you don't seem like you have the maturity or patience of an admin. Your application also seems like you got a 6 year old to do it, not enough effort thrown into it. -1
  4. I've finally seen you online, but now that I have you seem like a "troll", a nuisance, annoying, immature. None of which describe a admin very well. -1
  5. No, but I see what you are getting at. Yes I sometimes need a second textscreen, it would be helpful. But all you really need is one, more then one is just more crap on the server. -1
  6. Cool guy, chill and helpful. I'd like to see you as an admin. Good luck, don't let me down. +1
  7. Yea I knew they are scripted. That's why this game is considered a mod, but hey ya never know. I just hope there is a solution
  8. When you use a Damascus Sword or a regular Sword you cannot swing the Damascus Sword/Sword at the same time as you sprint. This becomes a nuisance when trying to catch up and kill a player. You can Arrest someone, stun someone, punch someone, and more, all while running. So why not Slash someone while running? I mean you have to pay for both to get them. You should be able to. Now I used the Damascus sword in singleplayer and u can't run with it aswell, all i'm getting at is maybe there is a way? Thanks for reading leave your opinions below please and thank you
  9. I'm usually hard to please, but your of age and a very chill guy. Nothing wrong here. +1
  10. I got ranked Nova 2 and then stopped playing xD ( Just wanted to see what I would rank as )
  11. I do see you on pretty often, but I've seen you "troll" a few times and show not as much maturity as wanted. Sorry -1 ( Can definitely Change though )
  12. Don't see you on very often, or atleast not as often as I would like to see. Sorry for now -1
  13. Haven't seen you on once, sorry bud -1